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Congregation Beth Israel

A spiritual oasis for the Jewish community

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Technology Help

Zoom Instructions

When you join the meeting, please “mute” or “unmute” your connection as appropriate(microphone icon at the bottom left – and please be mindful of others around you, background noises, etc. You can switch between mute/un-mute, as often as you need to). If you have a computer camera, click the video icon (bottom left) so we know you’ve joined in, and, at your leisure, check along the perimeter of your screen for additional icons to guide you further, particularly the top right for ‘gallery view’ and ‘speakers view’ which are different formats for photos of the participants. It only affects your screen so choose the one you prefer.

If you have a laptop, iPad, Tablet, etc., you, most likely, have a camera and microphone built in. If you have a desktop, you most likely need an external camera and microphone installed. Check that all connections are secure, volume is at a good level, the camera angle doesn’t cut off your head!, your device is fully charged, etc.

If you don’t have a camera or microphone, you can ‘dial’ into the service using your cell phone by ‘one tap mobile’ – tapping on a number

If you don’t have a cell phone, you can ‘dial’ by your location using a number provided.

For security reasons we are not listing the link or number on the public website, but you can see this information in emails from the Shul, or it can be provided by Amy.

You can also find help tutorials if you are new to Zoom at